2020 Year-End Market Commentary

Nobody can predict when or how the bull market will end, how deep the inevitable (sooner or later) bear market will be, or, really, anything other than the fact that all past downturns were followed by upturns which took the markets and the economy to new heights. 
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Q1 Market Commentary: Change Your Thinking

We have all heard the adage “Buy Low and Sell High,” but how does that play out in real life? Can anyone time the top and bottom of the market? We do not believe it is possible. So how do we ensure that you are buying when prices are low and selling when prices are high?
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2019 Q4 Market Commentary

Since returns this decade have been so positive, there is no way that the market can continue up, right?  Not so fast my friend!  If we look back at market returns since 1900, we can see several plateau decades followed by even longer runs in equity markets.
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