Wealth Management

At Vawter Financial, we use our experience and expertise in comprehensive planning to allow you to enjoy your current lifestyle while also paving the way towards a happy and comfortable retirement. Once we build a relationship with you and understand what makes you tick, our team will assist in all facets in your financial life. Whether you are dealing with complex tax situations, saving for your child’s college, or detailing a plan for your small business - we are here to help.

We provide an array of services, including:

Income Tax Reduction

Taxes can be frustrating, complex, and time-consuming. Thankfully, we are here to review your tax returns for potential opportunities and recommend qualified tax professionals. Our investment and retirement plans also prioritize tax efficient methods and maximize deductions. You have worked hard for your money, it’s about time you kept it.

Small Business Planning

Small businesses are an invaluable part of our country. We are here to recommend strategies that will allow your business to operate as effectively as possible. We also review your current business structure, cash flow, retirement plan, and succession plan. Let us deal with the nitty-gritty so that you can put time towards what really matters in your business. Running it.

Insurance Coverage Review

You and your family must be prepared when life throws an inevitable curveball. Our team will analyze your current insurance coverage and determine your risk exposure. We are here to help - let’s discuss strategies to minimize potential risks and assess what insurance may be right for you. If you do need insurance, we will then provide referrals to qualified insurance professionals. Get ahead of the curve.

Debt Structuring

Debt should not be feared AND it should not be ignored. Together we can build a plan towards becoming debt-free. We are able to review your loans, mortgages, and lines of credit, and recommend strategies that will lead you on the right track. Our team is here to map a game plan for your financial life, you are here to execute it.