Strategic Investments

Strategic investment management is an integral part of achieving long-term financial success. Our team will work with you to develop a disciplined, secure, and diverse investment portfolio that will provide a strong foundation for growth while mitigating unnecessary risk. It is crucial that your plan is tailored to your needs, which is why we ensure that investments are aligned with your risk tolerance, tax position, and need for access to cash.

As Fee-Only advisors we are not incentivized to sell financial products, nor do we earn commission based on transactions. Instead, we focus our efforts solely towards making your money grow. We also pride ourselves on educating our clients. Our investment advice is rooted in rigorous research so that you can maximize your profit potential in the market.

Investment Philosophy

We analyze a wide array of investment options and our recommendations revolve around three key principles:

Diversification - Correct diversification of your portfolio minimizes volatility and strengthens your risk adjusted return. We want your investments to create steady returns even amidst market swings. With exposure to various asset classes, we strive for consistent secure long-term returns.

Strategic Allocation - We believe in a systematic approach rather than market speculation. Our team periodically rebalances your portfolio to encourage investments when stocks are competitive and reducing exposure once the market becomes expensive. We maintain a combination of equities and fixed income investments that reflect your risk tolerance and long term financial goals. We make sure that we research all options tirelessly prior to investment.

Tax Efficiency - Tax considerations are at the forefront of our investment philosophy. We look to implement tax efficient strategies in every client’s portfolio to the greatest extent possible, and regularly utilize tax gain/loss harvesting tactics and asset location planning to lower the amount of taxes our clients pay on portfolio gains.