Vawter Financial is a Fee-Only firm based out of Columbus, Ohio that specializes in retirement planning, tax planning, and individual wealth management.

There are plenty of financial advisors out there, so what sets us apart? 

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in comprehensive planning. In order for our expertise to be put to best use, we need to fully understand your financial needs and goals. These are the pillars that help you reach your goals.



The Pillars of Success

01. Your Needs Come First

Everybody has a different a financial situation. With clients spread across the country, we understand that. You need financial advice that puts your individual interests first, which is why we are dedicated to delivering a personalized plan that suits you.

02. Fee-Only

As a Fee-Only advisory firm we are committed to providing objective advice. We do not receive commission for the sale of financial products - instead, we are free to work solely in our client’s best interest. The fiduciary standard. Guaranteed .

03. Retire Comfortably

By joining Vawter Financial you have committed to taking control of your finances. Therefore, it is our commitment to reward that courage by meticulously managing your portfolio to help you live just as comfortably in retirement as you do during your working years.

Our Services


Retirement Planning

Creating plans that lead you towards a comfortable and secure retirement is at the heart of what we do. By assembling thorough and thoughtful plans today, we are able to help you become financially healthy tomorrow. When planning ahead with Vawter Financial, we assure that you earn the financial...

Strategic Investments

Strategic investment management is an integral part of achieving long-term financial success. Our team will work with you to develop a disciplined, secure, and diverse investment portfolio that will provide a strong foundation for growth while mitigating unnecessary risk. It is crucial that your...

Wealth Management

At Vawter Financial, we use our experience and expertise in comprehensive planning to allow you to enjoy your current lifestyle while also paving the way towards a happy and comfortable retirement. Once we build a relationship with you and understand what makes you tick, our team will assist in all...

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Vawter Financial is a Fee-Only Firm We specialize in RETIREMENT PLANNING, TAX PLANNING and INDIVIDUAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Fiduciary Did you know that the majority of advisors don’t have to make recommendations that are best for you? As long as the recommendation is “suitable” they can make...

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