What Makes Us Stand Out?

Vawter Financial is a Fee-Only Firm



Did you know that the majority of advisors don’t have to make recommendations that are best for you?  As long as the recommendation is “suitable” they can make recommendations that help line their pockets.  

At VF we are Fiduciaries.  What does it mean to be a Fiduciary? We are here for you and let nothing get in the way of putting you first. The fiduciary standard is the backbone of every service we provide. VF and their clients have a transparent relationship of trust. 

Our Pricing Is Simple

Most of our clients are the millionaire next door types.  They have earned their money through hard work and some sacrifices.  Our pricing is set based on the scope of services you need, not simply on how much money you have.  When your portfolio grows in value, we don't penalize you by raising our fee.  Our fixed fee will be disclosed up front.  We keep things simple!

The Work We Do Is Serious - The Culture Is Fun

We understand the enormous responsibility that we have for our client’s futures.  However, when you love what you do, the work needs to be fun!  You will not see us wearing a tie at the office, but we would be happy to meet you for a beer on the peddle pub (as we raise money annually for Pelotonia) or any of our other charity events. 


Who’s the boss?  You’re the boss! Our advisors work only for you. That may sound obvious, but most advisors have to answer to their manager, who has to answer to the CEO, who has to answer to shareholders. At VF we do not have a manager telling us what products we need to push this week.  You are the only person we work for. 


It may be trying to get a meeting (or heck these days it could be just getting a call returned), but most advisors are proud of the large number of clients they serve.  We are different.  We keep our client-to-advisor ratio low so that we can spend more time getting to know you and understanding your unique goals and objectives. 

Financial Planning - Not Just Lip Service!

The Competition:  Most so-called “financial planners” only provide rule-of-thumb advice.  The answer for “How much should I save for retirement?” or “Should I do a Roth conversion?” is the same for you as it is was for the previous five clients they just met with. 

VF:  Your VF advisor will build a customized plan that factors in your unique situation.  We will take deep dives into your retirement plans, tax returns, insurance policies, and anything else that affects you.  Our mission is simple: To improve the lives of those we serve. 

So, you see our competition isn’t much competition at all!  We do things differently!