Do You Still Need Life Insurance When You Retire?

Life insurance policies can be helpful tools both for families who lose a loved one or individuals who need access to some extra cash in retirement. Even individuals with plenty of income and a great financial track record can benefit from the risk management benefits these policies offer.
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What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover and Do I Need It?

Even the most careful person with the best intentions can end up on the hook for a huge judgment from a personal liability lawsuit. While you’re unlikely to find yourself in this situation, it’s still smart to protect yourself against such a devastating financial loss. Umbrella insurance can help you do that.
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Think You’re Covered for Travel Abroad? Think Again

World travel, both for business and pleasure, is on the rise again and with it the risk exposures for travelers. Liabilities and risks that most people typically cover with a typical homeowner’s policy or travel benefits from their credit card companies are multiplied when traveling the globe.

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