Why Investing is SIMPLE and DIFFICULT


Managing the investments in your portfolio can be really simple or incredibly difficult, why both, you might ask?  The simple part is designing a portfolio that reflects your unique goals whether that’s for retirement income now or some other accumulation goal that could be 20+ years away. 


The difficult part of investing comes after the portfolio has been designed.  That’s when it’s time to stay true to your goals in good times and bad.  You have to ignore a lot of well-intended (but often bad) advice or simply ignore the “sensational” such as “BUY GOLD NOW!” or “Stay out of the Wall Street Casino!”


Staying true to your goals means selling high and buying low, but that’s not what people typically do.  Too often they dump their “loser” and buy whatever is, then, shiny. 


Watch this video and learn how one investment exemplified this approach and had a fantastic outcome.