What Is In Your Home

Gary Vawter |

If we asked you at your next meeting to list the entire contents of your home, could you do it?  Do you know the make and model of your TV (or how many), refrigerator, or electric tooth brush?  How many sets of bed linens?  Exactly how many shoes do you own?  What about all the belongings in the garage or shed out back?

Our hope is that you never have to answer these questions (don’t worry, we won’t ask at your next meeting) but in the event of a disaster or theft, this may be just the information that your insurance company could be looking for.  So how would you answer?

Taking a home inventory can be as high-tech or low-tech as you would like.

At a minimum, we suggest walking around the house with a camera and taking photographs in each room.  Better yet, use a video recorder and walk around the house shooting video as you open up your drawers and cabinets to get a full record.  Just be sure to keep these photos or videos outside your home!

There are also a lot of new apps for iPhone and Android that can help you.  Some will guide you through the process and will help you collect make and model numbers.  Some now even send you recall alerts on your electronics and appliances.

Click your appropriate system for a review of several top-rated apps:
Apple:  https://www.thebalance.com/best-home-inventory-apps-ios-1294003
Android: https://www.thebalance.com/top-home-inventory-apps-for-android-1294002

While this may seem like a mundane task, it is amazing what the teenagers in your life will do for $20!  Whether low-tech or high-tech, having a record could come in handy some day!

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