Fun Holiday Party Game!

Gary Vawter |

Fun Holiday Party Game!

This party game is guaranteed to make even the lamest Holiday party fun!  Even that scrooge-ish relative will give you a thumbs up at the end of this gameIt is appropriate for both adults and children, there really is something for everyone!

Christmas Saran Wrap Doubles Game:

There are many versions of this game, really it just depends on how creative and/or difficult you want to make it.  The basic idea of the game is that you wrap up a bunch of gifts and prizes in a huge saran wrap ball and then people take turns unwrapping it – anything they unwrap they keep. 

You’ll need a few things for this game:

  • Saran Wrap – We suggest getting a big box from Sam’s Club, it has a nice cutter, lots of saran wrap and it is really sticky. (You will be using various “sheet” lengths to create the ball)
  • Small prizes – Gift cards, cash, lip balms, hand sanitizer, small toys, fun-size candies, gum, USB flash drives, etc.
  • A pair of dice

Make your ball:

                Start by placing a small round gift on top of a piece of saran wrap, EOS lip balm works great for this, but also wrap that up with some cash around it – to make it extra enticing.  From here you want to randomly alternate additional sheets of saran wrap and small gifts until you have a substantial sized ball created.  TIP: make sure to constantly rotate the direction of the ball to give it a better round shape.

Game Rules:

  1. Have everyone fit in a fairly tight circle.  This makes for easy passing, it won’t take too long before passing turns into snatching!  We arranged the circle by age but it really doesn’t matter.
  2. Give the ball to the youngest person to start.  Give the dice to the person on their left.
  3. At GO, the ball holder begins to unwrap the saran ball in hopes to release a prize (this is why you need layers).  At the same time, the die holder is rolling for doubles and keeps rolling until they get it.  (It really isn’t difficult to roll doubles but you can change this to rolling a 7 or 11 if you want.)  Regardless of whether or not the ball holder releases a prize the die holder can grab the ball away once doubles are rolled. 
  4. The person to the left of the new ball holder grabs the die and begins rolling.  This goes on until all prizes are released.

Every time this game is introduced at a party, players start out a bit slow until they see a “wow” prize released.  So it’s a great idea to intermingle candy and “lame/funny” prizes with money or gift cards etc.  It doesn’t take long before a frenzy of activity ensues. 

Happy Holidays from our Vawter Financial family to yours!

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